Black Ops 2 Die Rise Mystery Box Locations

Black Ops 2 Zombies Die Rise Mystery Box Locations


With the release of the latest map pack for Black Ops 2 comes something else we’ve all been waiting for – a new Zombie Mode map! It is no secret that some players (even the pros…) are having a hard time locating the first Mystery Box on Die Rise.

Well, worry no more! Take a deep breath, relax, and read on. This guide will have you unboxing mysteries in no time.

Firstly, to unlock the Mystery Box in Die Rise you’re going to need 750 points. It is possible to achieve this on the first round, however you may find you need to come back to it when your point tally is looking a little healthier.

If you are asking “where is the mystery box in Die Rise” follow the steps below to locate it:

mystery box in die rise

  1. At the start of the map you’ll find two red staircases, beneath them you’ll find a set of double doors. To unlock this door you’re going to need to break out those hard-earned points.
  2. Once through the double doors, make your way down the hallway to your immediate left, then take a sharp right. At the end of the hallway you should see a hole in the wall. Leaping gracefully through this opening will place you on some broken stairs.
  3. Turn to your right and through another conveniently placed hole in the wall you’ll spot a sort of “shopping area” with wooden furniture strewn about. Cross this room and turn to your right to find an escalator leading downwards.
  4. Head downstairs using this escalator and take a right once you’ve crossed the room at the bottom. Make sure you’re careful in this area as you’ll now be perched on a tiny ledge on the side of a rather large building! One wrong move to your left and you’ll fall. Directly in front of you should be a sign with Asian lettering splashed all over it.
  5. Following the ledge you’ll find yet another room (who’d have thought?) but here you’ll have the pleasure of utilizing the large pile of rubble (from yet another hole in the wall) as a slippery slide. When you’re done sliding, you are now in an upside-down room. If you look directly above you on the ceiling, you’ll find the prized Mystery Box!

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