Black Ops 2 Face The Dragon Achievement Guide

Black Ops 2 Face The Dragon Achievement Guide


The “Revolution” DLC for Black Ops 2 has arrived, but not for everyone. Xbox 360 owners get early access until it reaches PS3 and PC players sometime in the future.

Earning the “Facing the Dragon” achievement in the Die Rise map will be the main discussion of this guide. To gain this achievement, players must confront the dragon directly before heading on to round two.

Firstly, players are expected to activate the power to acquire 750 points for the area and then use the elevator to descend to the bottom floor. As you leave the elevator, examine the room and pick up a key. Now leap over the space between the two demolished buildings.

Walk in the door, go right and look for double doors further on to switch on the power in the room. The key you found will be put to use and used to trigger the elevator in the room. Now swiftly hop on top of the elevator so it can take you to the upper floor. Now this is where things start to get interesting.

The dragon you’ve been patiently waiting to challenge is in the room. Move forward and head up the lift and take out the dragon by stabbing it in the face to unlock the Facing the Dragon achievement.

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