Black Ops 2 Nuketown Zombies Strategy

Black Ops 2 Nuketown Zombies Strategy


Many gamers from all around the world are asking “what is a good Black Ops 2 Nuketown zombies strategy?”. To start with the first thing you should do when you’re playing zombies on any map, you should grab quick revive if you are in solo mode. This black ops 2 nuketown zombies strategy can be used is solo mode, or in multiplayer.

By getting quick revive right away you will be able to revive yourself in the case that you get down in solo mode. This is crucial because you will not have any team mates to revive you. You should also note that you can only purchase quick revive three times and then the machine disappears.

What is a good Black Ops 2 Nuketown zombies strategy?

When you’re playing it Nuketown zombies in Solo, I would recommend that you stick with the pistol for as long as possible and try to get stabbed kills to build points. It looks like you can get a lot of points just by shooting the zombies and stabbing for the kill while staying in the spawn area of Nuketown zombies.

There are a variety of things you can do with the points you build in Nuketown zombies, but I think that grabbing the galvaknuckles of the great investment start with. The galvaknuckles cost 6000 after you clear the 300 point debris. As far as weapons in Black Ops 2 Nuketown zombies, it looks like you can purchase the Olympia for 500 points in the spawn area, but I would not recommend this. It’s hard to get a lot of points with the Olympia even though it can kill zombies pretty quickly.

Use M14 to Build Points in Nuketown Zombies Strategy

black ops 2 nuketown zombiesThe M14 only costs 500 points to purchase it in the spawn area, and it only cost 250 points to buy more ammo. I would grab the M14 off the bus in the spawn area of Nuketown zombies and start aiming for head shots to build points so you can get the galvaknuckles next. It will be safe for you to stay in the spawn area for the first 5 or 10 rounds.

You should just be smart about creating zombie trains so you are getting attacked from all directions. Also by creating zombie trains you should be able to get a lot more points for the bullets you are shooting. To create zombie trails in Black Ops 2 Nuketown zombies just move at a moderate pace through the map and allow the zombies pile up behind you. Try to keep your motion going in a circular direction so that you never run into the tail end of your zombies and get trapped.

By level 5 you should be able to have at least 5000 points saved up. Try not to buy more ammunition for the M14 until you have eight bullets or less left in your gun.
By around six or seven you should be a able to purchase the galvaknuckles, then you can begin to punch zombies to get 130 points per kill. After you have galvaknuckles the next thing you want to do is get the juggernaug perk. With any sort of like juggernaut may spawn early, rather than later in the match. Access to the juggernaug machine in early rounds will be crucial to survival in Black Ops 2 Nuketown zombies.

Get the Galvaknuckles is a great Nuketown Zombies Strategy

nuketown zombies strategyAfter you have the galvaknuckles just continue to circle around the map at a moderate pace. Just be sure not to get hit by a zombie twice under any circumstances.

You may be tempted to lunge in and kill an extra few zombies with the galvaknuckles, but this could easily lead to your death if you get slapped by 2 zombies at the same time. This call of duty black ops 2 nuketown zombies strategy requires patience.

Play smart and build points, but don’t be too overly aggressive. After you purchase the galvaknuckles you should be able to make back original investment of points within one round. You can then keep using the galvaknuckles for the next 5 to 10 rounds until you get to approximately round 14.

Luckily in the game that I’m playing right now juggernaut spawned right by the mystery box the very first time. I can already tell this is going to be a good match.

After you have the galvaknuckles we may want to consider moving out of the spawn area and back to the yard by the green house with a mystery box. This area has been easy for me to create zombie trails and make the most of my ammunition. As you create zombie trains be sure to keep moving in a circular direction and let the zombies build up. You will notice that the game only spawns so many zombies at once, it looks like there can only be about 20 to 30 zombies on the map at one time.

You should keep this in the back of your mind as you have the zombie trail following you. If you kill all the zombies at once, you’re going to have a rush of new zombies entering the map from all directions. It may be wise to kill off just a few zombies at a time to keep the trail moving and allow just a few the zombies to spawn at a time in this black ops 2 nuketown strategy.

Once you have quick revive and juggernaug, along with the galvaknuckles, you should feel a lot more comfortable moving around the map. It won’t be easy for you to go down with juggernaug, and by having quick revive even if you go down you be able to revive yourself. Just keep in mind that you can only purchase quick revive three times.

By around 10 I would recommend that you consider drawing from the mystery box. The galvaknuckles are great to build points, but at the same time you put yourself at risk by being so close to zombies. You won’t be able to hit every zombie with the galvaknuckles so you’ll need to start using a weapon to shoot zombies as well.

Build points fast with Drops in this Nuketown Zombies Strategy

black ops 2 nuketownIt seems to me when playing zombies on Nuketown there are a lot more drops than other maps. It will be wise to make use of drops such as double points with your zombie trains.

When you have a large zombie trail you may want to try shooting just a few of the zombies and see if they have a drop. If you’re lucky enough to have a double points, I recommend this you go for headshot kills and a little bit galvaknuckles kills as well. This will allow you to build up a lot of points very quickly.

By the time you get to around 11 or 12 you’re definitely going to want to have an automatic weapon on hand. By this point it is simply too risky to try to get galvaknuckles kills, and you should have enough points by this time anyway.

When you’re playing zombies on Nuketown you may hear an alarm go off every now and then. Near the end of round 10 or 11 you should make a crawler so you can walk around the map and buy some extra perks and open doors.

Turn the Music on and Have Some Fun with this Nuketown Zombies Strategy

You can also turn on the music and Black Ops 2 zombies on Nuketown by finding the three teddy bears. This isn’t really part of the black ops 2 nuketown strategy, but it can spice up the game and add some fun to it.

One of the teddy bears is near the spawn in the yellow bus, and another one is in the yellow house upstairs on top of the bunkbed. The third and final teddy bear to turn on the music and Black Ops 2 Nuketown zombies is in the very back of the map by the green house area. When you enter the backyard of the green house go to the left and backed by the wooden fence, and you will find the teddy bear behind the fence just outside the map. After you activate each of the three teddy bears by pressing X on your controller the music will turn on a Nuketown zombies.

Use Zombie Trains in Nuketown Zombies Strategy

For the most part, the strategy that I use in Black Ops 2 zombies on Nuketown in solo mode is simply to run trains of zombies in the backyard of the green house. This has worked very effectively for me so far and I suspect that it will work well for you also. This is a pretty effective strategy, but one of the hardest parts is just to get it going from the beginning.

In the very beginning of the round zombies spawn and are coming from all directions. The beginning of the round can be a make or break moment of the match. Just get the zombie trail going, and it is pretty easy to maintain as long as you don’t kill too many zombies at once.

One strategy that I use to get a lot of points while playing Black Ops 2 zombies on Nuketown is to just kill off a couple from the zombie trail that I created the beginning of the round. Then as I see new zombies entering the map, just hit them with the galvaknuckles one time to get 130 points. This may also save you a lot of ammunition. Sometimes I wonder if you really do need to save ammunition. It seems like there’s so many drops when you play zombies on Black Ops 2 on nuketown in solo mode or multiplayer you hardly need to worry about conserving ammunition.

Get an automatic weapon as part of this Nuketown Zombies Strategy

By around 14 you definitely got to have an automatic weapon on hand as part of this call of duty black ops 2 nuketown strategy. This is because the galvaknuckles will no longer kill the zombies in one hit. You should not be going for galvaknuckles kills on round 13 necessarily anyway, but you’re definitely going to want to have a gun to shoot the zombies and kill them from a distance.

By this point you shouldn’t have any points issues anyway. Since you don’t have any teammates when you’re playing nuke town zombies on solo mode every kill should be going to you.
One disadvantage of using the galvaknuckles is the fact that when you kill a zombie using them you’re most likely going to instantly pick up whatever drop they drop, in the case that they do have a drop. Sometimes you may not want to pick up every drop from the zombies right away. For example, it may be better to reload your weapons before you pick up a max ammo, but if you kill a zombie with the galvaknuckles you’ll instantly pick up the max ammo.

The strategy that I’ve been using when playing Black Ops 2 zombies on Nuketown in solo mode is simply to get a train of zombies behind me and then turn around with an assault rifle and fire about 15 shots at the head of the zombies. This should kill a handful of them, but not so many that you will get overran from all directions. If you start to get bored playing on Black Ops 2 Nuketown zombies in solo mode, you might want to just start firing away for headshots. If you do this and kill off the entire trail zombies, the map will instantly be flooded with new zombies coming from all directions.

Another thing that I should make note of about Black Ops 2 zombies on Nuketown is that there are no windows to board up. Every place that is spawning zombies on the map is already opened all the way. This means that there is no opportunity to get points by building windows like in other maps. So far this is unique to Nuketown zombies, as every other map that Treyarch put out will allow you to rebuild windows to get points and keep zombies out. In Nuketown zombies. they just kind of flood in from all directions and there’s no way to slow them down to besides by pumping rounds of ammunition into their bodies.

Get More Perks in this Nuketown Zombies Strategy

nuketown juggernaug perkBy around 15 you may want to consider to start spending some of your points. I usually grab double tap so I can shoot faster. Another perk that’s good to have is speed cola so you can reload your weapon faster. This will be especially useful for the big guns like the RPD.

When creating zombie trains in Black Ops 2 Nuketown I generally stay in the backyard of the green house and run in a clockwise motion. As I make my way through the yard from one side to the other I usually try to get close to the location where each mystery box spawns and kind of hesitated there for a moment. This will allow the zombies to kind of roundup in a more organized fashion and create a beautiful zombie train so that she can turn around and blow off their heads with ease.

As you continue to move in a circular motion in the backyard of the green house on Black Ops 2 Nuketown zombies you should be especially careful about passing underneath the balcony. This is one of the pinch points that it’s easy to get trapped in. Another pinch point is when you’re crossing back across the same area going to the left of the big rock. These areas you may see zombies coming from each direction so you should be careful to manipulate the direction in which the zombies move if you want to be able to survive into far more advanced rounds.

Pack-a-punch in Nuketown

pack a punch in nuketownBy around it 17 or 18 it might not be a bad idea to consider to pack a punch a weapon and Black Ops 2 Nuketown zombies. In the beginning of each round it’s important that you maneuver around the zombies and allow a large zombie train to build up in the beginning.

If you just try to shoot every zombie one at a time you are going to blow through your ammunition and make your job 10 times harder than it needs to be

After you have two good weapons in Black Ops 2 Nuketown zombies you might want to try drawing from the mystery box so you can get some monkey bombs. Once it gets to round 20 or so you may want to consider throwing a monkey in the beginning of the round to allow the zombies to centralize in one location. By throwing a monkey in the beginning of the round you are sure to make your life a lot easier, and definitely reduce the potential risk of your death in nuketown zombies.

I usually try to start the round in the same place for each new round. While this isn’t necessary to survive, sometimes it’s easier to get yourself a nice routine and make a good habit.
Another reason that I like to hang out in the back of the of the green house lawn is because there are two locations are the mystery box can spawn at. This will be greatly beneficial for when firesales comes up. You will easily be able to draw from the mystery box multiple times. I’ve drawn from the mystery box more than 5 times in this area just by running a circle.

Black Ops 2 Nuketown Zombies Strategy Conclusion

This black ops 2 Nuketown strategy has been effective for me and I hope it helps you as well. At the end of the day there is no one strategy that is best, but rather a series of tactics that you can put to use and increase your odds of success in nuketown zombies. Creating zombie trains is one of the best-known methods to maximize the amount of zombies you can kill with a clip of ammunition.

If you have any tips or tricks that you would like to add to this black ops 2 Nuketown zombies strategy please leave them in the comment section below.

Also, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to submit a question, by clicking on the submit a question tab. Enjoy your zombie slaying, and check back soon for new strategies tips and tricks.

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