Black Ops 2 Teddy Bear Locations

Teddy Bear Locations for Easter Egg Music


Just like with previous versions of the game, Black Ops 2 zombies has 3 locations in the Tranzit map that you can activate you turn on the music in Tranzit. In the tranzit map the 3 objects you must activate in order to turn on the music are teddy bears.

As you approach the teddy bear you can hear a strange muscial tone playing. The noise will be louder as you get closer to the teddy bear. This should help you find each of the 3 teddy bears to turn the music on in Tranzit and activate the easter egg in this map.

Instead of wasting hours of your time to find the three teddy bears to turn on the music in Tranzit, simply read this guide and follow the steps. It is not very hard to find all the teddy bears if you read this guide and follow the directions to complete the easter egg in the Tranzit Black Ops 2 map.

Location of the 1st Teddy Bear in Transit

The location of the first teddy bear is probably the easiest one of all to find. You may have found this on by accident when playing the tranzit map. The firt teddy bear in tranzit is located just outside the doors at the Bus Station right where you begin. After yuo use the turbine to open the door at the bust station, or you pay to open the door you can walk outside by the bus.

Out here you will find a bench with a teddy bear on it. Approach the teddy bear and press the button to activate the teddy bear easter egg. You will know you activated the teddy bear by a special tone that is played when you press the correct button. You character may comment about the teddy bear as well.

Location of the 2nd Teddy Bear in Transit

Now that you have found the first teddy bear to activate the easter egg music in Tranzit, it is time to find the second one. The second teddy bear is a little bit further away then the first one. You will need to catch the bus over to the farm to find the second teddy bear. When you arrive at the Farm, hea upstairs and find the blanket. You should find a teddy bear on the blanket upstairs at the farm.

If you have a hard time finding this teddy bear, turn up the in game music. The teddy bear emits a noise, so as you get closer, the sound will get louder. This will help you find the teddy bear on the blanket upstairs at the farm in Tranzit.

Location of the 3rd Teddy Bear in Transit


After the first two teddy bears have been found in the tranzit map, all you need to do is find the third to activate the music and complete the easter egg. The third teddy bear can be found in the Town area of tranzit. When you enter Twon, look near the pool table inside of the building to find the 3rd teddy bear in tranzit.

It will be located near a perk machine, ad just like the others, as you apprach the teddy bear listen for a noise coming from it. As you find the teddy bear, activate it. Upon activating the third and final teddy bear you will turn on the music in the Trnazit map in Black Ops 2.

Dubstep music in Black Ops 2 Zombies?

Contrary to early speculation, Tranzit does not plays dubstep music when the third teddy bear is activated. The new music is some sort of Rock song, similar to previous previous maps. Classically the music has been rock, then treyarch changed it to Rap music in the Five map. Now it appears Rock music will play when the 3 teddy bears are found in the Tranzit Map. Some people like rap music, while many other would prefer to hear Rock music. Some people argue that rap music would have been better then Rock, but Rock has been the classic music played in Zombies maps.

What do you think about this easter egg music in black ops 2 Tranzit map?

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