Black Ops 2 Zombies Die Rise Buildable Items

Black Ops 2 Zombies Die Rise Buildable Items


When you find the following Die Rise Buildable Items you need to know how to build them.

  • Nav Card Table
  • Trample Steam
  • Sliquifier

You will also need to learn what steps are needed to get them all on to the Die Rise Map as they are all essential and these components also unlock several achievements.
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How To Build the Nav Card Table in Die Rise

Four components make up the Nav Card Table so start by turning on the power in the power room and take the elevator up to the roof.

Once you have reached there go straight ahead and then turn right where you will see a pile of junk and next to it Meteor Rock.

You will not be able to see the table as it is under the radio tower and completely hidden until you place a component on it when you will be able to see it and find it already has the Nav reader on it. You will see the board of the table and that should be picked up and assembled on the Nav Card Table.

The next component you need is the radio which you will find opposite the ramp leading you to the face of the dragon so pick it up and place it on the table. Ascend the ramp to the radio tower, go to the building on the right and keep straight until you descend to another level. There you will find the electrical box which you should take back and put it on the table. This is the last component you need to complete the full Nav Card table.

How To Build Trample Steam

Again four parts are needed to build Trample Steam in Die Rise and they can all be found in the starting area on the top floor. Open the double doors and you will see the board on your left. Before you can collect the other parts you need to go down two floors in the elevator and place the board on the work bench.

Return to the top floor and you will see the fan on your left when you get out of the elevator. After putting that on the workbench you need the flagpole which is by the radiator on the top floor facing you when you get out of the elevator. Again this has to be put on the workbench before you return to the top floor to find the last component to complete the Trample Steam.

This is the air compressor which can be found to the right of the elevator in the starting area where you found the board. Once placed on the workbench you will get your functioning catapult and if you can fling ten zombies with it you will be awarded the Vertigoner Achievement.

How To Build The Sliquifier

Another four parts are needed to build the sliquifier and the first part is the canister which can be found in the power room but you will have to search for it as it could be anywhere. Once you have discovered where the canister is you will see the second part is on the barrel opposite the workbench.

The third part is the mannequin shoe which is between the coach and the television opposite the stairs and that should be placed on the workbench. The fourth and final part is the trigger which is on the kitchen counter.

You will find the kitchen on the floor below through the door on the left. Once you have placed this on the workbench you will get the sliquifier wonder weapon which is needed to get the Slippery When Undead achievement.

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