Black Ops 2 Zombies Die Rise Galvaknuckles Location

Black Ops 2 Zombies Die Rise Galvaknuckles Location


Are you wondering where are the Galvaknuckles in the Die Rise Map? The Galvaknuckles is sort of a game upgrade for a player’s melee attack and it can be found in the very new Zombie Map, this map is called Die Rise.

This game upgrade does cost a whole lot and that whole lot is roughly about 6,000 points to be able to get. Therefore, do save up a bit, and then when you’ve got enough saved up get it for yourself. The Galvaknuckles is close in location to the first mystery box, and this first mystery box is something, which can be found in the locale of the upside down building. If you have any trouble locating the Galvaknuckles, you can refer to the location guide for the box, if you do somehow lose your way and need quick guidance back.

The very first thing you need to is to make 750 points, and then you will be able to unlock the very large double doors, these large double doors can be found beneath the two red staircases that are at the very start in the beginning.

Once the double doors have been opened, the next step is to follow the corridor along to the left, then continue through the corridor until you have reached a big visible broken section of wall. You then use this section of wall to drop down below to a set of ruined stairs. Go into the room on the right, it contains wooden furniture, and then take the escalator next.

galvaknuckles in die riseAfter you go down the escalator, do take a second right, and you should then be on the ledge of a building that contains a long drop to the left.

Journey along the ledge until you reach another room, and in this other room, you will come across another big section of broken up wall with a lot of rubble on it. This rubble does act like a real slide, and it is this rubble slide, which will take you down to where the room with the mystery box is.

Exit the room by using the doorway, which is located on the right, and then look forward to observe the hallway that you are standing in now. There will an elevator shaft that is vacated, which you will need to drop down about halfway, just so you can locate the Galvaknuckles. For you to get into this room, you will need to drop down below to the platform, and then drop on to the platform that is located on the opposite end of the elevator shaft. The side of this opposite shaft will be one with a hole in the wall itself.

When you get on the ledge, look to the left side, and the opening to the wall be on the right. Drop down one more time in this direction, and enter the room on the left, and you should see the Galvaknuckles in Die Rise on the wall just opposite from you.

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