Black Ops 2 Zombies Die Rise Strategy Guide

Black Ops 2 Zombies Die Rise Strategy Guide


We have compiled a detailed Die Rize Zombies guide that will deliver some strategies for you so you can get to the higher rounds of the map.

When you start you will be on the Spawn Building Top Floor and you will look at a set of double doors straight ahead.

There are two guns on this area of Die Rise. One is the Olympia and the other one is M14. To get to these guns those double doors have to come open and that will cost you 750 points. The Olympia is 500 points and will be found to the right of the double doors while the M14 is 500 points and will be found in the hallway past the double doors.

For a quick revive there will be an elevator halfway through the double doors and another one around the corner that has a Speed Cola. You have to turn on the power to get these to run, then you can find the four parts on the top floor while looking for the Trample Steam. You will need this to heave the players as well as the zombies off of the building. The Trample Steam will be listed in the guide. You need to get to the Radio Tower Building by standing on top of the old elevator, then on through the double doors to collect 750 points from cleaning up the debris.

On the Spawn building on the first floor you can collect another 750 points by locating the shopping center.

There are more weapons to get and more zombies to kill. After you go through the 1st Floor, 2nd Floor and 3rd Floor you are just about done.

These are a few of the directions on the game, enough to get you started, then you have to go it alone. This is a game of scheming, cunning, skill, relaxation and mostly thinking fast. Be fast enough to kill your enemy and be number one.

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