Black Ops 2 Zombies Guide

Black Ops 2 Zombies Guide


Putting all doubts aside, Zombies has become one of the most fun and challenging experiences in the Call of Duty series. Many gamers all around the world are excited about the new Black Ops 2 Zombies maps, and ready to turn up the heat.

If your on this webpage, it’s safe to assume you are serious about taking your zombies skill to the next level and want a Black Ops 2 Zombies Guide to help you survive more rounds. Black Ops 2 Zombies has many components that are similar to previous Zombies maps, and also has a handful of new features that make it more exciting and challenging than ever.

Many Black Ops 2 Zombies players want to know the best strategies for the new maps; Nuketown, Tranzit, and Green Run. For many players, making it to advanced rounds in zombies will come down to playing smart and working together as a team. Often times when playing zombies you will encounter selfish players who don’t understand how the game works, and they run around the map and take all the zombie kills early on in the game. This type of teammate can lead to the downfall of the entire team in early rounds of black ops 2 zombies.

Maximize Points in Black Ops 2 Zombies

black ops 2 zombiesWhen starting off a Black Ops 2 zombies game, it is important to remember that getting the most points possible in early rounds will be everyone’s best interest.

For example, by simply understanding that a in black ops 2 zombies stab kill is worth 130 points, as opposed to a body shot kill being worth only 60 points can make a huge difference by itself. It is also beneficial to know how many times you can shoot a zombie before it dies. In level 1 you can shoot a zombie in the body 6 times, then stab him for the kill. This allows you to get 10 points per a body shot, then 130 points for the stab, which will give you 210 points for 1 kill in black ops 2 zombies.

However if you shoot the zombie a 7th time in the body, the zombie will die and you will only get 60 points (for 6 body shots) + (60 points for a body shot kill) = 120 points total. As you can see not only are you missing out on major points by not stabbing for the kill, but you are also wasting precious ammunition. It is critical to earn the most amount of points per a bullet as possible when playing Call of Duty Black Ops 2 zombies if you want to make it to round 30, 40, or 50!

One thing to always keep in the back of your mind when playing Black Ops 2 zombies is to “monetize your ammo” the best you can. What this means is you want to get the most points per a bullet possible. One way to achieve this is to allow the zombies to “line up” in a way where you can shoot 1 bullet and have it hit multiple zombies. The bullet will pass through the first zombie and hit a second or third too depending on the strength of the weapon. This means that you can get 20 or 30 points per a round instead of just 10 points in Black Ops 2 zombies.
As the rounds advance, zombies will become stronger. In level 2 you can shoot a zombie 8 times in the body and it will not die In Black Ops 2 Zombies. After pumping 8 rounds of the pistol into the zombie you can stab it for the kill to earn the most points in round 2.

Head Shots in Black Ops 2 Zombies

While pumping rounds of your pistol into the zombie and then stabbing can be one way to get a lot of points in early rounds of Black Ops 2 zombies, this will not work in later rounds. By going for a stab, you are putting yourself at risk of getting downed by a zombie. You can get hit one time by the zombie and still live, but if two zombie hit you at the same time you will most likely go down since you don’t have the juggernaug perk yet.

This is why it is recommended to start getting headshots at around level 3. A headshot kill in Black Ops 2 zombies is worth 100 points, as a opposed to a body shot kill being worth only 60 points. As you can see you will acquire nearly double the amount of points per a zombie kill simply by aiming for headshots. Often times Black Ops 2 zombies player will decide to purchase a weapon off of the wall in early rounds and start aiming for headshots. The default pistol you are given is quite lousy for headshots, and should mainly be used to cash in points in Black Ops 2 zombies.

Don’t be greedy in Black Ops 2 Zombies


As mentioned earlier it is always frustrating to play with a rogue black ops 2 zombies bandit who runs around chucking grenades and shooting all the zombies in early rounds. This causes the whole team to lose out on a massive amount of points early on that could otherwise be used to buy weapons off of the wall, and open doors in the map.

It is usually best if the team works together and assigns 1 person to 1 window in Black Ops 2 zombies games. This will allow each player to concentrate on shooting the zombie the proper amount of times before stabbing it, without having to worry about another team mate throwing a grenade at the zombie or shooting it from a distance in black ops 2 zombies.

By working together in black ops 2 zombies, each team mate can build up points, which will be very valuable to implement advanced strategies later down the road. Usually more zombies will come to one window than others. Unfortunately, the zombies will not necessarily be evenly distributed among windows in early rounds of black ops 2 zombies. It seems that the zombies will try and take the path of least resistance. While it may seem unfair that 1 player is getting all the kills in early black ops 2 zombies rounds, it can actually work to the advantage of the entire team if you allow it to.

The player who is getting the most zombies early on will be able to build up a ton of points, while will be valuable to the whole team because this player will be able to open the doors to access new parts of the map. As long as each person understands their role in the black ops 2 zombies team, everyone will benefit. However, if greed sets in, many points will be lost out on and the entire team will be in a worse off position in the black ops 2 zombies match.

Let Zombies in the Windows in Black Ops 2

In early rounds of black ops 2 zombies it may be beneficial to let zombies in the windows. If the zombies are killed before they enter the windows, you cannot pick up drops from them. If you are not already aware, zombies will randomly drop perks when they are killed. A zombie can drop any of these perks:

  • Double Points
  • Max Ammo
  • Insta-kill
  • Nuke
  • Death Machine

black ops 2 zombies max ammoIn early rounds the most desired drops are Double Points and Max ammo. Each of these drops will help the team get more points, faster. Max ammo is great because it will fill the pistol back up with ammo for free, and you can begin converting these extra bullets into more points immediately. Double points is just great for maximizing points, for obvious reasons.

When a double points drop is picked up, you can earn 260 points per a stab kill in Black Ops 2 zombies. As you can see, when a 2X points is in effect, you can earn over 1,000 points from killing just 4 zombies with a knife. The insta-kill drop is always a good one to pick up (unless you are trying to save a crawler), because it will save you lots of ammo. When an insta-kill is picked up it is important to start using the knife to kill zombies and save on ammo. This will allow you to save up a ton of points quickly.

double points black ops 2 zombiesWhile letting zombies in the windows in early rounds is a great way to get drops from zombies and to maximize total points, it is important to remember to let zombies in the windows strategically in black ops 2 zombies. Usually it is best to only let the zombies come in 1 or maybe 2 windows at a time. If every play lets zombies come in the windows, this puts the entire team at risk of death.

It is unlikely that you will get over ran by zombies in round 1 or 2, but as the rounds advance, you don’t want zombies coming in from all directions in black ops 2 zombies. Usually it is best to keep the windows boarded up in black ops 2 zombies, and allow one team mate to let the zombies in through just one window. When the zombies are coming in through the windows it is best to communicate with team members and to have a weapon that is capable of killing the zombies. When zombies are coming in the windows it is important to keep an eye on your ammunition levels. Don’t get caught in a corner when you are reloading, or you could be downed quickly.

Stabbing Black Ops 2 Zombies for More Points Per Kill

Stabbing for the kill is one of the best ways to get points fast in Black Ops 2 zombies, but not all stabs are the same. For instance, you may notice that when you go to stab a zombie that sometimes your character will lung forward and reach into the zombie, while other times the stabbing motion will be a quick, swift action. When going for a stab kill in black ops 2 zombies it is important to control what kind of stab motion your character engages in. Since you have to put yourself within arm’s reach of a zombie when stabbing, the “lunging” style stab can get you into trouble quickly. You are definitely going to want to force your character to engage in the quick sideways slashing style black ops 2 zombies stab rather than the lunging forward style stab.

In order to make your character stab the quick and effective way in black ops 2 zombies you should follow these steps:

  1. Walk towards the zombie.
  2. Continue moving forward and as you go to stab move the left joystick in a clockwise rotation as the stab button is pressed.
  3. This should result in the quick sideways style stab motion.

This should help you avoid getting hit by the arm of black ops 2 zombies, since the stab is quick and you can keep control over your character. When you just press forward and lung into the zombie you will be exposing yourself to death by a simple lack of knowledge. Each stab is equally powerful in black ops 2 zombies, but one is allows much more control of the player and takes much less time to complete.

Communication is KEY in Black Ops 2 Zombies

black ops 2 headsetAbove all, communication is by far the most important factor in being able to survive into advanced rounds in Black Ops 2 Zombies. I have rarely ever made it past round 10-15 without have a solid team of players who have microphones and who are willing to communicate.

Just by reading this webpage you have knowledge that 90% of zombie players don’t have. Many Black Ops 2 Zombie players want to survive to advanced rounds, but they simply don’t know about the tactics you have just learned. By having a headset you can be the team leader and share the knowledge, strategies, and tactics in this guide. I can tell you first hand, many people out there want to know good strategies, but they simply don’t know them. Whenever I get in a black ops 2 zombies game and start sharing my knowledge and advising people what to do over my headset, they gladly follow my lead and are happy to see the rewards of good team work, strategizing, and playing together.

When you start a Black Ops 2 Zombies match, I would advise you play with a headset and make sure all of the players on your team have a headset as well. Personally I prefer the Black Ops 2 Turtle Beach Headset. Not only is the sound quality of this Black Ops 2 Headset amazing, the graphics and design is simply badass (for lack of better words!). In addition to the stellar visual appearance, and superb sound quality, the microphone volume and game volume can be adjusted independently, which is a feature most headsets cannot claim. This Black Ops 2 Turtle Beach headset is awesome not just for zombies, but also multi-player action as well!

Not only will the Black Ops 2 Zombies headset allow you to communicate effectively with team mates, it will also allow you to hear TONS of things that you would otherwise miss without it. You can hear which direction zombies are coming from, which give you a huge advantage. I can’t tell you how many times I have avoided certain death while playing zombies simply from hearing a zombie coming from behind me, or some other direction that I could not see it visually. Also using this headset in multi-player will give you an unreal advantage. You can hear footsteps of enemy players, so you will know where your enemies are before they know where you are. Just like in real life warfare, black ops 2 zombies is all about intelligence. A nice headset will give you intel that most other players simply don’t have – which will give you a significant competitive advantage on the battle field and in zombies matches. After getting this Black Ops 2 Turtle Beach headset, my multiplayer kill streaks skyrocketed, and playing black ops 2 zombies became much more fun since I could make it past level 40 pretty much every time I play.

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