Black Ops 2 Zombies Mahjong Tiles Locations

Black Ops 2 Zombies Mahjong Tiles Locations


Our survivors’ story endures in the latest zombie map for Black ops 2. In order to reveal the last stage for Richtofen and Maxis in the Easter Eggs, as well as the last stage for the High Maintenance goal, there are eight mahjong tiles that you will need to locate and match together. You will find these pieces hidden in various places on this level.

The Mahjong tiles in Black Ops 2 Die Rise can be very hard to locate and it is even more difficult to match them. That is why we created a guide that will help you to complete the task.

Since there are 11 different Mahjong tiles locations that could possibly contain one of the eight tiles, some of these locations will be empty. The tiles are randomly placed, so you never know which location one will be found in. The tiles are paired by color so there are two blue tiles, two red, two black and two green tiles.

They different types of tiles are as listed:

  • One Bamboo Tile
  • East Wind Tile
  • Two Bamboo Tile
  • West Wind Tile
  • Three Bamboo Tile
  • South Wind Tile
  • Four Bamboo Tile
  • North Wind Tile

You will be able to unlock the game’s Easter egg by going to the radio tower and using the Galvaknuckles to hit all four sides of the radio antenna. There is a certain order that you need to hit the corners in. You will learn this order when you match all of the tiles.

Take this example; if you find a blue one bamboo tile and a blue east wind tile, they count as a matched pair because they are the same color and related to one another.

The East Wind/One Bamboo combination means that you will have to hit the Eastern side of the radio antenna first. If you were to locate a matching green pair with the tiles South Wind/Four Bamboo, then you would strike the Southern side of the antenna fourth in the sequence.

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