Black Ops 2 Zombies Multi-Player or Solo

black ops 2 zombies gunIt’s time to play some Black Ops 2 zombies! When you’re playing Black ops 2 zombies you can choose to play either solo or multiplayer. After choosing whether you want to play the solo or if you want to play multiplayer the next step is to choose what you would like to play on.

Their are a variety of maps you can play on in Black Ops 2. In a world at war there are a 4 zombies maps you can play on and in the new video game there are seven maps you can play on.
The Moon was the last map that was added to Black Ops zombies. I have the new Black Ops two zombies game and there are also a variety of maps to choose from.

Depending on whether you are playing solo or multiplayer the level of difficulty of the game will be adjusted. When playing a Black Ops 2 zombies game you will earn 10 points for shooting a zombie traditionally. However you earn 60 points for a kill shot.

But if you stab a zombie for the kill you will earn 130 points. Not only do you earn more points by stabbing you will also save on ammunition.

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