Black Ops 2 Zombies Solo Mode

Black Ops 2 Zombies Solo Mode


When playing call of duty Black Ops 2 zombies in solo mode it will be a wise move to purchase quick revive right away. This is because when you’re playing in solo mode you have no one to revive you.

So when you go down if don’t have quick revive the game is over. However in solo mode you can only revive yourself if you have quick revive. What this means is when your player goes down you’ll begin to immediately revive yourself in black ops 2 zombies.

After life is restored and your players standing the quick revive perk will be gone from your arsenal. However you can purchase quick revive up to three times and solo mode. After that when you go down the game is over.

It would be wise to grab as many upgrades as possible when playing in solo mode Black Ops 2 zombies. Health and reload time are the most important so it would be smart to get Juggernaug first, after quick revive. In addition to these perks you should also grab speed cola to reload quickly. This will allow you to kill zombies quicker and rack up points too. Double tap should be considered for later rounds, but the core 3 perks should be bought first. Juggernaut should be purchased early on so you can stay alive even if a zombie hits you a few times.

black ops 2 zombies solo mode

This will save your life many times, and also allow you to keep all your perks. If you get downed you lose all your perks and will have to buy them all again. That always sucks, and it is very expensive, so avoid getting hit by zombies. Especially when you are in solo mode zombies in black ops 2 and you don’t have any team mates to help you.

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