Black Ops 2 Zombies Turned Mode Strategy

Black Ops 2 Zombies Turned Mode Strategy


In the Revolution pack that has been just released to the public, there is a specific mode called Turned in Die Rise, and it is all about the Black Ops 2 Zombie games that permits players to have this certain mode.

This special mode allows players of the game to truly play a game as the undead, for the very first time, which is awesome.

The whole object of the Turned mode is very easy to master, and it is simply this, any human player must be able to survive for as long as he or she can. It is the objective of the zombie player to kill the human player, and then the human player has been hunted down properly by the zombie, both human and zombie player do take each other’s roles and the game does start over again.

The Turned Mode starts off with both players as Zombies first. The one player who proves to be the fastest one, and the one to reach the bottle of cure will turn human. The human player will also begin to get ten points for every second that he does remain alive after that. There will also be a last stand bonus reward, for each human player that manages to stay alive at the end of the game. The player who has managed to accumulate the most points during the six-minute time limit will win the game.

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Any Power-Ups And Assorted Achievements

There are different power-ups that are located on the map. These power-ups are something that can be gotten by both Human and Zombie playerrs. If you get a hold of a Nuke, this Nuke can kill everyone who is playing on the Map, and only let the one who found it, be the next Human player.

For Zombie Play

Zombies come with lots of perks in this player mode. They can either swipe with one hand or both. All it takes is a single swipe to spell the end for a human players. They are also immune to getting burned from lava or explosions, nor will they catch fire in other game modes, as well.

For Human Play

Human players aren’t allowed to make mistakes. They must watch their back at all times. It is wise to keep your distance from any Zombies, as they are much faster than humans, and twice as deadly. Therefore, never stand still while firing, and run in a zig-zag pattern to avoid a rein of fire down on you.

Also, don’t be afraid to toss out grenades, as they will let you play the game more effectively. Humans can also unlock an achievement for themselves by going through all the guns in public matches.

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