How To Build Sliquifier in Die Rise Black Ops 2

How to Build The Sliquifier in Die Rise Black Ops 2


The Sliquifier is the newest black ops 2 wonder weapon on the market. Many people will be trying to figure out how to build this wonder weapon and I will be showing you how to build it. The items will have many locations they can spawn in so don’t worry if you don’t find them right away.

This Sliquifier fire’s a ‘purple slime’ this slime seems to cause chain-reactions on zombies if they are close enough together. You may also fire this gun at the ground causing a slippery spot that zombies will just slide on. In order to build this gun you will need to go downstairs from the power room to the workbench need the elevator. (Leave the power room, take a left walking through a doorway, after walking down this hallway you will see a (lightning bolt) power symbol. Go down the stair and this is where you will build the Sliquifer.)

The quickest way to get the Sliquifer is to build up a few points in round 1 and 2 and proceed into the freight lift at the start. Once you stand in the lift for a few moments it will fall multiple floors in which you will exit the elevator and jump across the gap. (There will be a key in the hallway when you get off the lift, this key can be built into the pad, after doing this you will have a limited amount of time to get back to the elevator and it will take you back up to the starting zone.)

This first location can be found if you take the elevator at Round 1-5, jump across the gap and walk through the door.
How to build Sliquifer

The Handle to the Sliquifer will be in either of these locations. ┬áThe handle may be on the counter in-front of the large pot or it may be in the power room near the corner. If it is in the power room it will be under a table near the two elevator’s. (Refer to red markings on picture)
How to build Die Rise Wonder Weapon

Sliquifer Wonder Weapon

The canister can be found in either the cage directly next to the build table or in the power room directly in-front of the power-switch.

Die Rise Wonder Weapon

Die Rise Wonder Weapon Part


One of the items always seems to be in the same location. It will be located to the left of the flight of stairs. (This will be before you go down the stairs, on the floor in between the television and couch.)

The last location that one of the item’s may spawn at is at the bottom of the stair’s in front of the building table.

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