How to Find Nacht Der Untoten in Tranzit

How to Find Nacht Der Untoten in Tranzit


If you are like many Black Ops 2 Zombies players, you have probably discovered that Nacht Der Untoten is inside the Tranzit map. For those of you who are new to zombies, Nacht Der Untoten is the original map that started the zombies legacy just a few years ago.

The nacht der untoten map looks very similar to the original, except now it appears to be destroyed and you can no longer go upstairs. Also you cannot build windows or anything in the nach der untoten map in Tranzit.

In order to find Nacht Der Untoten in black ops 2 zombies Tranzit, you must first get to the corn field. In order to get to the corn field and find Nach Der Untoten in Tranzit, you should hop on the bus. You will have to take the bus to the diner, and then to the Farm. After you arrive at the Farm, you will want to hop off the bus for a moment, then get back on the bus so it will start going again. Once the bus starts honking the horn at the Farm stop, hop on the bus and leave the doors open.

find nacht der untoten in tranzitAs you are in transit from the Farm over to the Power house you are going to want to jump out at the corn field. However, you should not just jump out by the cornfield at any location if you want to find the Nacht der Untoten building in Tranzit. You will need to pay close attention and keep your eyes open for an opening in the corn field that has a lamp post by it. The lamp post will be on the right side of the bus, the same side as the doors to the bus are on. When you see the lamp post by the cornfield, you will also see an opening in the corn field.

At this point, when you see the lamp post by the corn field in tranzit, you are going to want to jump off the bus and enter the corn field path. Once you jump off of the bus by the corn field in tranzit, you are going to have to be careful for the crazy zombie creatures that will attempt to scratch your eyes out. Just keep knifing repeatedly when the eye scratchers jump on your face. It takes 5 stabs to kill the eye scratching zombies in black ops 2 zombies.

As you head down the path in the corn field you are going to want to take the first left. Continue down this path in the cornfield and look for your next right. It will be a small opening in the cornfield not too long after you take the first left. Head down the path on the right and shortly after entering this narrow pathway you will see the Nacht der Untoten map in Tranzit.

Once you arrive at Nacht der Untoten in Tranzit you can look around for the part inside Nach Der Untoten. There is a part to build the Jet Gun inside the Nacht Der Untoten building, so you are going to want to find it and pick it up. To learn what to do with the part in the Nacht Der Untoten map inside of Tranzit you should check out the post about how to build the jet gun in tranzit.

When you get out in the corn field and try to find Nacht Der Untoten in Tranzit, you are going to want to be careful to take the correct turns. If you take the wrong turn in the corn maze, you will easily end up lost and confused. When the eye scratchers and normal zombies attacking, you will not stay alive very long lost in the corn maze. Just be sure to remember which turns you took in the corn field while trying to find Nacht Der Untoten in Tranzit. For a more complete Black Ops 2 Zombies Guide click the link below.

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