How To Get PhD Flopper in Die Rise on Black Ops 2 Zombies

How To Get PhD Flopper in Die Rise on Black Ops 2 Zombies


Since the release of the Revolution Map Pack many people are asking how to find PhD Flopper in Die Rise. First of all, it should be stated that it is possible to get PhD Flopper in Die Rise. When you first spawn in the new Die Rise map in Black Ops 2 zombies you will notice an elevator shaft near you.

If you walk over to this elevator and hop in, the elevator will begin to move down. It should be noted that if you’re in solo mode the elevator will go down if you happen it. If you’re playing multiplayer, you will need to have your teammates hop in the elevator with you in order for it to move downwards.

The elevator will move down very rapidly, however if you look closely you will notice there is a PhD Flopper machine off in the distance.

Where is PhD Flopper in Die Rise

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the PhD Flopper perk, it was first introduced in a original black ops zombies map. The PhD Flopper perk in Die Rise will be particularly useful for a variety of reasons. For one, you may have noticed that Die Rise involves large changes in elevation.

PhD Flopper will allow you to fall any amount of distance and not be damaged when you land. As you can see this will be extremely valuable, as it will save your life very easily on many occasions. In Die Rise, it is very common to come across a large drop, and if you are watching where you step it may be easy to lose your life. One more benefit that you see Flopper will offer us in the Die Rise map is the ability to not be damaged by explosions.

phd flopper die riseThis includes the ability to not be damaged by Ray gun fire. You will also be able to upgrade the pistol to the Mustang and Sally and not have to worry about being damaged by explosives coming out of your pistols.

Many gamers are very excited that PhD Flopper perk will be reintroduced in the Die Rise map and Black Ops 2 zombies. When the initial maps came out for blackouts to zombies many people were very disappointed to see that it’s PhD Flopper and other perks such as Mule Kick, and dead shot daiquiri were not available for purchase.

It appears that the new Die Rise map is going to be bringing back these perks including PhD Flopper.

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