How To Kill Brutus in Mob Of The Dead

How To Kill Brutus in Mob Of The Dead Black Ops 2 Zombies


If you have played the new mob of the dead map and black ops 2 zombies you have probably noticed a large boss like creature known as Brutus. Brutus is also known as the prison guard in Mob of The Dead, as well as the Boss Zombie.

Brutus is a large zombie that resembles what you may have seen in the Call of the Dead map with George A. Romero.

While Brutus may look intimidating at first, it is actually kind of hard to actually get hurt by him if you just keep moving at a steady pace. One of the biggest complaints about Brutus has become that he simply eats a lot of ammunition in order to kill him. That is unless you use the tomahawk to kill him.

The Prison Guard Brutus will spawn randomly on different rounds, and sometimes more than one of them will spot at the same time. As you play the map you will probably notice that Brutus can disable perk machines, workbenches, and the mystery boxes. One thing you will want to watch out for is after an item is disabled by Brutus it will cost you 2000 points to reactivate it, and it is on a sliding scale. This means that a second item disabled by Brutus will cost you 4000 points to reactivate, and a third item that has been disabled will cost 6000 points to reactivate.

It is also believed that Brutus will spawn within the map whenever a player decides to spend a lot of points at the mystery box. This is in addition to Brutus spawning randomly during a normal round.

How to Kill The Prison Guard Boss in Mob of the Dead

prison gaurd brutus mob of the deadThere are various strategies to kill Brutus in the mob of the dead map.

Depending on how much ammunition you have, you may want to try and use the tomahawk to kill this boss zombie. If you are playing with a group of four people, you can each throw your tomahawk Brutus repeatedly to kill him. It has been reported that Tomahawks are more effective to kill Brutus then a normal zombie.

If you have enough ammunition, you can actually kill the prison guard incredibly quick by simply unloading a round of ammunition straight into his head. Of course this means you will need to have at least partially accurate aim with your weapon in order to deliver each bullet into the head of Brutus. Also, if you haven’t upgraded weapon you will notice that Brutus goes down incredibly quick if you can just gets one clip of ammunition into his face.

Even after you kill the prison guard Brutus, he will continue to respawn randomly at different levels within the mob of the dead game. He is a little bit annoying, and will shake the screen quite a bit as he stops across the map, but just remain calm and team up on him to knock him out with ease. He actually moves quite slow, and despite the angry noises and intimidating demeanor he establishes himself with, it should not be a problem to eliminate him quickly.

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