How To Kill Denizens Fast in Tranzit

How to Kill Denizens Fast in Tranzit


If you have been playing call of duty black ops 2 zombies, you have probably noticed that if you enter the foggy area you will be attacked by a denizen.

Many people want to know how to kill denizens fast in Tranzit, and for a good reason!

Sometimes these denizens are also referred to as eye scratchers, because they will leap onto your head and scratch at your eyeballs. These eye scratching denizens and Black Ops 2 zombies can be very annoying when you’re trying to navigate through the fog from one part of the map to another in tranzit. As the denizens scratch your eyes it can be nearly impossible to see where you’re going.

black ops 2 denizenNot only does the fog and dim lighting make a hard navigate within the tranzit map, but it sure doesn’t help when you have a denizen scratching your eyes.

If you don’t have any upgrades or special weapons the fastest way to kill a denizen will be to stab it five times while it’s on your head.

This can be done by repeatedly pressing the right analog stick. However, this is not a very fast way to kill a denizen.

Use Galvaknuckles to Kill Denizens Fast in Tranzit

The fastest way to kill a denizen is probably to buy the Galvaknuckles. Once you have the Galvaknuckles it will only take two hits to kill the denizen. The Galvaknuckles cost 6000 points and you can purchase them from the roof of the diner in tranzit. It might take a few rounds to save up to buy the Galvaknuckles, but once you have them you should be only make your points back fast.

Not only will you make your points back fast of the Galvaknuckles, but it also save your time and hassle as you navigate through the fog since you can kill the denizens with only two hits instead of 5 hits. The Galvaknuckles should help you kill denizens fast in Tranzit in Black Ops 2 zombies.

Tips to travel in Foggy area in Black Ops 2 zombies Tranzit

Another thing that you might want to consider if you’re going to be traveling to the foggy area often would be to get the stamina up perk. This will allow you to run fast for a longer period of time, which will be very beneficial for navigating through the fog in transit.

Usually I consider three things a must if you’re going to be running through the foggy area in tranzit frequently, and that is stamina up, Galvaknuckles, and Juggernaug. One other thing that people like to have sometimes when they run through the foggy area in tranzit is the ballistic knife. While carrying the ballistic knife you can run even faster than most other lightweight weapons.

Just remember if you want to be able to kill denizens fast you should definitely grab the Galvaknuckles off the roof of the diner. The Galvaknuckles will help you kill the denizens faster, and also build points quickly. Up until around 13 it will only take one hit to kill a zombie with the Galvaknuckles. I believe that it will always take only two hits to kill a denizen with the galvaknuckles, regardless of what around your on. Also, if you have the Galvaknuckles you can try to turn around and punch at the denizen as a jumping for your head, instead of waiting for it to land on your head. I have been able to kill a denizen with one hit if I can punch him before he gets attached to my head.

If you’re playing multiplayer you might want to travel with a teammate so you can kill the denizens extra fast with Galvaknuckles, and maybe even shoot them with weapons as well. You can shoot the denizens off of each other’s heads with a weapon, or you can even punch at each others head with the Galvaknuckles to kill the denizens.

It sure would be nice to figure out a way to get rid of denizens for good, so that we can just walk to the foggy area without being attacked at all.

If you are aware of any other tactics that can help kill the denizens fast please leave your comments in the section below.

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