How To Rank Up in Black Ops 2 Zombies

How do you move up in Rank in Black Ops 2 Zombies?


One question that many people have on their minds when playing Black Ops 2 zombies is how the ranking system works. The ranking system and Black Ops 2 zombies is unlike multiplayer.

In multiplayer, the ranking system is as simple as getting points and breaking up to the next highest level. In multiplayer, there is no way that you should ever move down in rankings. The ranking system and Black Ops 2 zombies is a little bit different.

Rather than just getting points and leveling up and Black Ops 2 zombies, your zombies rank should match your skill level. If you have several really good zombies matches in a row, your Black Ops 2 zombies rank will go up. However if you have a poor performance in Black Ops 2 zombies, your brain will move down.

There are quite a few factors at play that determine whether he you had a good match or a bad match, and whether your rank should go up or down. At the end of the day you should focus on getting a lot of points, using bullets efficiently, reviving teammates, getting perks, and avoid getting downed.

You should also avoid dying if you want to have a high zombies rank.

Black Ops 2 Zombies Ranks

black ops 2 zombies ranks

In order to get the highest rank Black Ops 2 zombies you will have to be a competitive player, and be a very helpful teammate. Some people suggest that grief mode may affect your zombies rank as well. If you have a good team and you’re able to increase matches on a regular basis your zombies rank should increase. On the other hand, if you get down into bad matches with bad teammates and consistently lose grief mode matches your zombies rank will probably go down.

Also, to help your zombies rank in Black Ops 2 you should try to complete some of the achievements in tranzit. By building objects and completing tasks in tranzit your zombies rank should move up. If you want to reach the highest zombies rank you should learn to become a good well-rounded player, that is beneficial to have on the team. The better you play for a longer period of time the higher your Black Ops 2 zombies rank will go. Just remember to aim for the head and make good use of Galba knuckles in order to get the highest on the strength and Black Ops 2 zombies

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