How To Turn On The Music in Mob Of The Dead

How To Turn on the Music in Mob of the Dead


In order to turn on the music in the mob of the dead map in black ops zombies we will need to find 3 bottles hidden throughout the map.

Contrary to what we have seen in all previous zombies maps, we will actually be looking for hidden bottles and mob of the dead rather than teddy bears. The concept is still the same, there is just a little bit of a change of scenery and this new map.

So, in order to complete the music Easter egg in mob of the dead we just need to find these three bottles, which is what will be described in the following paragraphs.

Where can we find the first bottle in mob of the dead to turn on the music?

  1. The first bottle that you need to find in order to activate the music is located very close to the spawn. In the same room that you can find the Olympia shotgun you will find a bottle on the shelf near the window to your right. Simply walk up to this bottle and press the X button on your controller to activate the first of the three bottles.
  2. In order to find the second whiskey bottle in mob of the dead we will need to hop on the gondola and write it down to the other side. After you get off of the gondola head down the stairs back to where you can buy the automatic weapon off of the wall. Just to the left of this area you will see a sniper tower. Back in the corner there will be a crates and a fence. On this crate you will find the second bottle that is needed to activate the music in mob of the dead. After you press X on this bottle you can continue the journey to locate the third and final bottle.
  3. The third and final bottle to turn on the music and mob of the dead can be located in the infirmary. The bottle will be located in the same room as the bathtubs. Like normal, as you get close to the bottle you will begin to hear a musical tone play in the background that gets louder as you get closer to the bottle. Once you are in the room with the bathtubs in the infirmary you will be able to locate this third and final bottle with ease. As soon as you press the X button on the last bottle the music will begin to play.

What is the music in mob of the dead?

After you activate each of the three bottles in mob of the dead the music that will begin to play is a track by Soundgarden that is titled Rusty Cage. This track is quite suitable for the map considering we are navigating through the Alcatraz prison and there are quite a bit of Rusty pieces of metal and cages all through the map.

In addition to the music that can be played by activating the three bottles and the mob of the dead black ops 2 zombies map you can actually turn on another music as well. In order to activate the second music that can be played you will need to find the wardens key and then unlock the power switch with the numbers puzzle by the elevator. Rather than activating the elevator with the number sequence that you can find on the stairs, you will simply need to input the numbers 115 followed by 935. This will activate the second song can play and mob of the dead.

We hope that this guide to turning on the music and mob of the dead has been helpful.

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