How To Upgrade a Weapon in Black Ops 2 Zombies

Upgrade a Weapon in Black Ops 2 Zombies


In later rounds after the power has been turned on it is possible to upgrade any weapon. A weapon is upgraded a by putting it in the pack a punch machine. The pack a punch machine is not cheap.

It cost nearly 5000 points to pack a punch a weapon.

However by upgrading a weapon the weapon becomes much more powerful and has more ammunition.

Not only does the weapon have more ammunition but generally the clip size is larger. It is not uncommon for a machine gun to go from a 500 round machine to have a 750 round machine.

upgrade a weapon in zombies

Having a larger clip sizes and more ammunition is extremely valuable in later rounds. As the rounds go on it becomes increasingly difficult to kill each zombie. Each zombie has an increasing level of health each round. After approximately round 20 or 25 one zombie can easily consume the ammunition from an entire clip and still live. This is another reason why it is important to aim for upper body and head shots.

In addition to regular zombies in call of duty Black Op 2, there are also dog zombies. The zombie dog is it different from the average zombie in a variety of ways. In general zombie dogs have less health than a normal zombie.

When drawing a weapon from the mystery box in black ops 2 zombies, one is making a gamble. In later rounds it is important to have a powerful weapon that is capable of killing a zombie but it is also critical have a weapon for points.

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