Monkey Bombs in Black Ops 2 Zombies

Monkey Bombs in Black Ops 2 Zombies

monkey bombs in black ops 2 zombiesAre you wondering how to get Monkey Bombs in Black Ops 2 Zombies? Another nice thing to have in your arsenal while playing Black Ops two zombies is monkey bombs.

While the name sounds funny monkey bombs are one of the best things to have in your arsenal. A monkey bomb is particularly valuable in an instance when a teammate gets downed by a zombie.

This is because when a monkey bomb is thrown all of the zombies on the map gravitate to the monkey bomb and the zombies stop attacking you. This gives the opportunity to revive a downed teammates quickly. However you only get a three a monkey bombs. Obviously Max ammo will give you three more fresh monkey bombs.

Monkey bombs have been the number one savior for many teams in black ops 2 zombies. They are one of the most valuable things to have in your weapons list, but also hard to draw from the mystery box in the zombies game. Whatever you do don’t pick up some other garbage bomb in place of the monkey bomb in black ops 2 once you have them.

Once you have monkey bombs remember to make good use of them. You don’t want to just throw them for fun, except in the case when you see a max ammo drop. This is a good time to warn your team mates that you see a max ammo and start chucking all of your monkey bombs.

This will allow you to get a break from shooting zombies and allow each teammate to reload their weapon. After picking up the max ammo you will have 3 more monkey bombs that you can use in the future.

One thing to be aware of is that not all team mates understand to wait on the max ammo. A lot of times newbies will run and grab it right away. It sucks when you go to throw a monkey bomb and your team mate instantly picks up the max ammo and makes you waste a monkey bomb for nothing. Hopefully more people will become more educated about how to properly use monkey bombs and when to grab the max ammo, but there is no saying what team mates might do.

Grab a headset and make sure your team mates also have headset if you want to have the best chance of not wasting monkey bombs and making it to rounds that are more advanced. Also, It may be a good idea to not play with a person who sounds like they are very young. From my experience, those who have a voice that sounds very feminine or young are usually incapable of playing well in black ops 2 zombies. These are the types of players who only have a very short attention span and may be likely to throw all 3 monkey bombs as soon as they pick them up, and may even leave the game mid-round.

That being said, this is not true in all occasions, but just be aware of who you are playing with if you want to be able to use monkey bombs effectively in black ops 2. have fun with your monkey bombs, but also remember that they are very useful for when the times get tough or when a team mate gets downed!

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