Nuketown Zombies Juggernog in Black Ops 2

Nuketown Zombies Juggernog in Black Ops 2


One question that has been popping up all around the Internet regards Nuketown zombies juggernaug. Many people who are playing the Nuketown map realize they need to get the Juggernog perk and able to be able to last for any significant amount of rounds.

However in nuketown zombies Juggernog is a little bit different than any other zombies map that we have seen in the past. In order to get Nuketown zombies Juggernog you will need to play along with the game and kill zombies until its spawns randomly.

Unlike other maps, and nuke town zombies Juggernog will spawn randomly just like every other perk spawns randomly in this map. There has been a lot of talk in online forums and websites throughout the blogosphere about just how exactly these perks spawn, and many people agree that the perk machine spawn randomly in Nuketown.

Black Ops 2 Nuketown Zombies Juggernog

nuketown zombies juggernaugIf you walk to the center of the map in nuketown zombies you’ll see a population count that continuously cycles from 100, down to zero, and then repeats. When this population count gets down to zero there will be some sort of audio tone that plays in the background. Some people initially thought that when the countdown reaches zero the new perk would automatically spawn on the map.

Some people thought that this was how you get Nuketown zombies Juggernog, along with other perks in the map, but with closer analysis most people agree that the population count does not necessarily correlate to when the new perk machines spawns. The only way to get Nuketown zombies Juggernog is to pick it up from the perk machine after respond randomly on the map. There are 10 different spawn points for each perk machine can spawn, along with a few places where the pack a punch in Nuketown zombies can spawn.

In order to be able to survive any respectable amount of rounds, Nuketown zombies Juggernog is a must. Especially after round 13 or 14, when the zombies start coming in faster. Often times if the Nuketown zombies Juggernog does not spawn early on in the game, the entire team will get downed and the match will end. One way to make sure that each teammate gets the Nuketown zombies Juggernog perk right away, will be to communicate clearly with your teammates. As soon as each new perk machines spawns you will want to announce to your team that you see it on the map. As soon as you see the Nuketown zombies Juggernog perk machine, you’ll want to grab some for yourself and announce to your teammates that you have found it. It may be a good idea to protect each other with the weapons you have is each teammate grabs Nuketown zombies Juggernog.

Where is Juggernog in Nuketown Zombies Black Ops 2

After each teammate has the Nuketown zombies Juggernog, it will probably be a good idea to stick with traditional strategies of running zombie trains and trying not to interfere at each other’s pathways. So far no one has really found a great camping strategy in Nuketown zombies, so most people run circles around the map and build up massive zombie trains. If you’re going to run circles and build large zombie trains, make sure you have the Nuketown zombies Juggernog perk along with a automatic weapon that you can pump rounds of bullets into the zombies heads.

Just like any other map the Nuketown zombies Juggernog will cost you 2500 points. It will be important that you make sure you save up enough points to buy the Nuketown zombies Juggernog perk as soon as it pops up. One way that many people have used to achieve this, is to buy the Galvaknuckles early on. The Galvaknuckles can help you build up points quickly so you can buy the Nuketown zombies Juggernog perk as soon as it comes on the map. To learn more about this check out our Nuketown zombie strategy post, which will be very beneficial to you making it to advance rounds can Nuketown zombies.

Please leave any questions or comments you have about Nuketown zombies Juggernog perk in the comments section below. Also, do not hesitate to submit a question on the submit a question tab at the top of this webpage. Enjoy your zombie slaying!

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