Town Survival Strategy Black Ops 2 Zombies

Town Survival Strategy Black Ops 2 Zombies


When it comes to survival on on black ops 2, many people are asking “what is the best Town Survival strategy in zombies?”. If you want to know a great strategy to get a lot of points and survive lots of rounds in black ops 2 zombies on Town, you have come to the right place.

I have come up with one method that has been working very well to get me lots of points on town, and survive many many rounds.

So, without further hesistation, let me give you some details about my survival strategy on black ops 2 zombies Town map. Note, this will also work very nicely in Grief mode as well.

Galvaknuckles Are A Good Town Survival Strategy

To start out with, I will tell you that this black ops 2 zombies Town survival strategy revolves around the Galvaknuckles, which can be purchased inside the Bar for 6000 points. They are expensive, but WELL worth it if you do it right. First of all I should say that our goal will be to get the Galvaknuckles by round 5 (if we are ambitious). It is ok to even get the galvaknuckles as late as round 8-9, or even later really, but the earlier the better.

Buy The M14 and Point Build To Get Galvaknuckles

best town survival strategy zombiesSo the first focus should be to start point building right away when you start a match of Survival in Town. To begin with in Round 1 and Round 2, you should use your pistol early on, paired with knife kills.

Take out your notepad right now and write in large bold print, Stab Kills are worth 130 points, and so are galvaknuckles kills. You will also get 10 points for hitting the zombie, so it is really 140 points for a stab or kill with galvknuckles.

In round 1 I would recommend shooting the zombie 6 times in the lower body, and then stab for the kill. 7 shots may kill the zombie, and it is expecially important to avoid getting body shot kills in early rounds if you want to get a lot of point in black ops 2 zombies. A body shot kill is only worth 60 points, vs 130 for a stab, or 100 points for a head shot kill.

In round 2 I would recommend shooting the zombie in the body 8 times, a full clip with the pistol, and stab for the kill.

The first gun you buy and the ONLY gun you should buy is the M14. Some of you may laugh when I say this, but it works like magic. I have tried purchasing the MP5 off the wall near juggernaug, but point for point, you are going to make a lot more points with the M14 then the MP5. The MP5 costs 1000 points and 500 for ammo, by comparison the M14 is only 500 for the weapon and 250 for ammo. The M14 is great for head shots, and much more “fuel effiecient” then the MP5. You are goign to get a lot more points per ammunition if you use the sights on your weapon and go for headshots. The MP5 is ammo hungry and it is hard to build points in my opinion, plus the ammo cost will really add up and the clips dont last you long. You can purchase the M14 at anytime, it may be wise to grab it right away, but I would cash in with stabs and pistol shots before making use of the M14.

By round 3 you will need the M14 as part of your Town survival strategy in black ops 2 zombies, even if your pistol is not out of ammo. I would recommend letting the zombies open the windows so you can rebuild them for points. Building windows is a great way to build points for free, since they don’t cost bullets (which cost points, if you cant get max ammo).

After you have the M14, you should aim for either upper body shots, 1 or 2 shots and stab for the kill, or just get the head shot kill. You will be missing out on 30 points per a kill if you don’t get stabs, but it is better to get a headshot kill sometimes then to risk getting downed by a zombie hitting you as you go for a stab. Take note that you can get hit 1 time and give yourself about 2 seconds to recover without juggernaug, so be sure not to get hit twice, or to not get hit by 2 zombies at the same time.

Once you have the M14, try to think of your points as cashflow. You want to build it constantly and never buy ammo until you have 8 bullets left in the gun. Don’t open any of the doors, just walk around the ground floor and aim for upper body shots and stabs, or head shots. After a few rounds of this you should have several thousand points. If you get 2x points drps or insta kills you may get to 6000 points by round 4 or 5. It usually takes me to about round 5-7 to get 6000 points, which is enough for our first major investment in your Black Ops 2 Town Survival strategy – galvaknuckles.

Get Galvaknuckles and Point Build – Town Survival Strategy

town survival strategy black ops 2 zombiesThe second purchase you make should be galvaknuckles, after the M14. Ideally someone else will open the Bar, if you are lucky the mystery box will move to the Bar and someone will open it right away. Also, I should note that you should not draw from the mystery box until like round 12 or so. If you have 6750 points, I would recommend just opening the door yourself so you can get the galvaknuckles ASAP.

After you get 6000 points saved up grab the galvaknuckles right away, not juggernaug or the mystery box. As soon as you get the galvknuckles you will turn into a point getting machine, no joke. Grab the galvaknuckles and begin walking around the map and punching every zombie you see. It will be 140 points per a kill, and they will add up fast, especially when you get double points drops. I usually make my points back from the galvaknuckles in 1 round, sometimes 2 rounds. The galvaknuckles are the ultimate way to build points, and since they don’t take ammunition it is all profit.

I would recommend after you get galvaknuckles to save up and get juggernaug right away, as a key role in your Town survival strategy in Black Ops 2 zombies. It should only take a half round or so to get 2500 points for juggernaug. It is wise to get juggernaug with the galvaknuckles because you will be close to zombies when you kill them. You may get hit, but it sohuldnt be a problem with jug, expecially prior to round 13.

The galvaknuckles will be a 1 hit kill up until round 14. Until round 14 I would recommend you point build with the galvaknuckles, and make sure to make use of your pistol ammo and m14 ammo as well, especially with max ammos. Think of those pistol bullets as points, and make use of them. I usually fire 8 rounds into a zombie and then use the galvaknuckles for the kill. This will give you an additional 80 points per a zombie, by shooting a clip of pistol bullets into the zombie before killing him.

Get Juggernaug After Galvaknuckles – Black Ops 2 Town Survival Strategy

After you have Galvaknuckles, and Juggernaug with your original purchase of the M14, keep building points until round 10-11 or so. I would recommend you get the Tombstone Perk after juggernaug just in case you get downed. You don’t want to die after you get the galvaknuckles since they are 6000 points, and awesome for generating points over the course of time (plus take no ammo). The use of juggernaug with Galvaknuckles is one of the best survival strategies in Town.

By round 11 or 12 you will want to have an automatic weapon. You can purchase the MP5 off the wall, but I would recommend drawing from the mystery box. If you are using the galvaknuckles properly you should have 15,000-30,000 points saved up by round 12. At this point you will need to shoot the zombies a couple times before killing them with the galvaknuckles, it is no longer a 1 hit kill in round 14. After round 14 you can still shoot the zombies a few times and punch them for the most points, but by this round they will start to come faster.

You will need to kill some of the zombies with bullet shots, so aim for the head. If you are lucky you will draw a HAMR or an assault rifle from the mystery box. The HAMR, RPD, MTAR, or any assault rifle are ideal draws from the mystery box. You will be able to kill a zombie with these weapons, and can also opt to punch for the kill.

Get An Automatic Weapon as part of Town Survival Strategy

Usually by round 14 I try to hang around where the mystery box spawns in the bar upstairs, or sometimes over by the MP5. I like the stairs in the bar because you can make the zombies funnel to you. This is great for killing multiple zombies with one bullet, plus you can gauge how many are coming at you and and punch some with galvaknuckles to maximize points. I would not recommend upgrading a weapon until it is low on ammo, since you get a free ammo refill for your first upgrade of any weapon.

Also, when you are hanging out by the stairs in the bar, if the zombies are coming too fast you can drop out of the hole in the wall by Quick Revive to escape. Just make sure not to leap, or fall into the lava. It is possible to get hurt by dropping down, but if you hug the wall you will be alright. It is best to leave early if the zombie flow gets too heavy if you want to live into advanced rounds in Town on Survival mode..

After you jump out of the Bar room, you should head over to the Juggernaug building. The zombies will follow you and you can make a zombie trail in town. Just turn around and mow down the zombies with your automatic weapon, and keep moving. You can jump out of the juggernaug building just like over in the bar, then head back to the Bar. This has become known as the Figure 8 pattern in Town. It is a good survival strategy, and can work well with multiple team mates as well.

After round 17-18 the galvaknuckles will play a smaller role in your zombie killing efforts. You shouldn’t risk your life trying to get every kill with the galvaknuckles, but it can be a good way to save ammo in your Town survival strategy in black ops 2 zombies. You can shoot the zombie in the upper body pretty heavily and then punch for the kill, but after round 18 or so it may take up to 3 punches if you don’t damage the zombie enough with your automatic weapon.

Best Survival Strategy for Town in Black Ops 2 Zombies

survival strategy for black ops 2 zombiesAfter around Level 18 or so, you will begin to use your automatic weapon more heavily. You will also have to start moving around the map more, just try to run the figure 8 pattern from the Bar to the Juggernaug building, and loop back around as needed.

It will be best to communicate with team mates and try not to cross paths too much. The lava and the fire coming from the cracks paired with swinging zombie arms can lead to death quickly if you are not cautious.

At this point you should be loaded up with the Galvaknuckles, Juggernaug, and at least 1 automatic weapon. You should also have plenty of points to buy anything you need. If you can afford it I would recommend getting all 6 perks. To learn how to get all 6 perks in Town click the link in this text.

After you have all 6 perks you are not going to want a team mate to revive you unless it is absolutely necessary. You will lose out on all your perks if you are revived, so it may be best to feed the zombies, then rebuy the Tombstone perk, and grab your flashing tombstone in the next round. On the other hand, if your team mate cannot survive the round without your help, he may need to revive you. In this case you will lose out on the tombstone and all other 5 perks. If you have enough points its not a huge deal, but its better to keep the perks if you can.

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