Where is the Booze in Buried Black Ops 2 Zombies

Where is the Booze in Buried


So you have discovered you need to ‘fuel’ Huckleberry with Booze before he will do much of anything, but you don’t know the locations of where the Booze is in Buried

This is a common problem among Black Ops 2 Zombies Buried players, but also a problem that can be easily solved. You can watch the video below to see where the Booze spawns at, and you can also check out the list below the video for quick reference.

Location of the Booze in Buried

If you watched the video above you can probably see that the Booze for Huckleberry can only spawn in a few different places. The first place the Booze in Buried will spawn is right by the jail cell, on the inside. Just unlock the cage with the key and the Booze will be on the table for the Big Guy to drink.

where is the booze in buried black ops 2 zombies

After this, you can find the Booze on a table in the Saloon. You can only get it once per a round off of the table it spawns on randomly, or you can buy the Booze from the Bar in the Saloon for 1000 points.

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