Who’s Who Perk in Die Rise Zombies

Who’s Who Perk in Die Rise Zombies


The Who’s who perk-a-cola is a brand new perk machine that has been introduced in the Die Rise map in the Revolution map pack. This is not the first new perk in Black Ops 2 zombies, for those of you who play often you probably remember the Tombstone perk that was introduced with the new game.

The who’s who perk is one of the most unique perks we have seen in the Black Ops 2 game, read below to see exactly how it works and how it may be beneficial to you.

What does the Who’s Who Perk do?

whos who perk black ops 2 zombiesThe who’s who perk will allow you to revive yourself in the case you get downed. This can be extremely useful for a variety of reasons. One reason the who’s who perk is so beneficial is due to the fact you can revive yourself in the case you are far away from your team mates and you go down. This will save your teammates a potentially impossible run across the map to save you.

Also, the who’s who perk can save the whole team in the case that more than one team member gets downed. For example, if the whole team gets overran, and you have the who’s who perk, you can revive yourself, then revive your other 3 teammates. Talk about a team hero!

If you have the Who’s who perk and you get downed you will spawn as a ghost of yourself and you will have just a pistol. At this point you will need to navigate over to your downed character and revive him. However, if you get downed as a ghost, a teammate will need to revive both the ghost you spawned as and your original character (I believe).

How much is the Who’s Who Perk-a-cola?

The who’s who perk costs 2000 points. Purchasing who’s who can easily be recognized as a no brainer move. Some may consider purchasing other perks first, such as Juggernaug, but the who’s who perk-a-cola is definitely a great new perk machine to have in the game.

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